Nikon Z6 uusi Firmware

Nyt Nikon Z6 käyttäjien kannattaa ladata uusin Firmware jonka mukana tulee mm. silmän tunnistus!
Tässä uuden päivityksen tuomia muutoksia Nikon Z6 järjestelmäkameraan.

Eye-Detection AF in still photography

  • Available with AF-C, as well as with AF-S. Convenient for shooting portraits if the subject often changes pose.
  • Enables users to choose between the left or right eye while looking through the EVF. Even when multiple human subjects are within the frame, intuitive selection of the eye is possible.
  • Users can also select an eye when half-pressing the shutter-release button in AF-C.

   Improved AF performance in dark scenes

  •  −2–+19 EV (−4–+19 EV w/ low-light AF) increased to −3.5–+19 EV (−6–+19 EV w/ low-light AF)
 AE (Automatic exposure) tracking in high-speed continuous shooting (extended)
  • 12 fps